Monday, January 01, 2007

The Year 2007

It's the year 2007 and many things can happen this year. Whether it's going to bad or good I'll TRY to let the Lord lead me. Hehehe. I've gone through alot last year. I've made new frineds, I'm still missing some of my old friends.

Last nite, I had a great time in celebrating the coming of New Year with a few of my Old friends and a few of my new friends. They seem so happy and so up to welcoming the New Year which makes me looking forward for the New Year. I just hope and pray I'll get more new friends and keep all my other friends.

For the things I fancy about last year was...... I enjoyed the trips(To Lahad Datu, To Tambunan, To Bundu Tuhan, To Kuala Penyu, To KL etc), the sharing maring, the events done together(Launching of KBHK, Worship Rally, Picnics, Silver Jubilee, Easter, Christmas, Carolling...etc), the heartache and heart breaks, the sillyness of being me,,,,,,etc.

I thank all my friends for that and I also would like to say sorry for those whom I have hurt last year. I hope this year will be a new beginning for all of us. For those who are interested with Youth Stuffs, remember we need to keep our money from now if we want to go to Australia for World Youth Day and to Ranau for Sabah Youth Day. All happening in 2008.

I hope I'll be able to update my blog again soon. For all who read this blog Have a Blessed New Year. May your New Year be fruitful. God Bless always. Love you forever.

Dorothy Daria Wong

Monday, October 09, 2006


I dreamt that I went to Heaven and an angel was
showing me around. We walked side-by side inside a
large workroom filled with angels.

My angel guide stopped in front of the first section
and said, "This is the Receiving Section. Here, all
petitions to God said in prayer are received."

I looked around in this area, and it was terribly busy
with so many angels sorting out petitions written on
voluminous paper sheets and scraps from people all
over the world.

Then we moved on down a long corridor until we reached
the second section. The angel then said to me, "This
is the Packaging and Delivery Section.

Here, the graces and blessings the people asked for
are processed and delivered to the living persons who
asked for them."

I noticed again how busy it was there. There were many
angels working hard at that station, since so many
blessings had been requested and were being packaged
for delivery to Earth.

Finally at the farthest end of the long corridor we
stopped at the door of a very small station. To my
great surprise, only one angel was seated there, idly
doing nothing.

"This is the Acknowledgment Section," my angel friend
quietly admitted to me. He seemed embarrassed.

"How is it that? There's no work going on here?" I

"So sad," the angel sighed. "After people receive the
blessings that they asked for, very few send back

"How does one acknowledge God's blessings?" I asked.

"Simple," the angel answered. "Just say, "Thank you,

"What blessings should they acknowledge?" I asked.

"If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your
back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep ... you are
richer than 75% of this world.

"If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and
spare change in a dish, you are among the top 8% of
the world's wealthy.

"And if you get this on your own computer, you are
part of the 1% in the world who has that opportunity."

Also .. If you woke up this morning with more
health than illness, you are more blessed than the
many who will not even survive this day.

"If you have never experienced the fear in battle, the
loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or
the pangs of starvation, you are ahead of 700 million
people in the world.

"If you can attend a church meeting without the fear
of harassment, arrest, torture or death, you are
envied by, and more blessed than three billion people
in the world.

"If your parents are still alive and still married,
you are very rare.

If you can hold your head up and smile, you are not
the norm, you are unique to all those in doubt and

Ok, what now? How can I start?

If you can read this message, you just received a
double blessing in that someone was thinking of you as
very special and you are more blessed than over two
billion people in the world who cannot read at all.

Have a good day, count your blessings, and if you
want, pass this along to remind everyone else how
blessed we all are.

Attn: Acknowledge Dept.: Thank You Lord!

"Thank you Lord, for giving me the ability to share
this message, and for giving me so many wonderful
people to share it with."


Last weekend, we had our first session of Potter and Clay for the fourth batch. I am attending this Leadership programme as a facilitator. It's my first time to do so, so I hope I won't make a mess of things. Hehehe.

The first topic for this programme was about "Purpose and Vision". I didn't get to go through this topic cause I had to go and do something important. But I got to hear something that is new to me. Maybe I've heard this millions of times but it enlightens my mind then and there. Mel Nick gave us this two passage which is the 3 temtations of Jesus and also the scripture when Jesus ask Peter if he loves Him 3 times. The scriptures remind me of what leadership should be like. Sometimes we'll not able to provide to the people around us no matter how much we want it to happen. We just can do so much and the rest of it let God do it.

We as leaders must Love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our might and with all our strangth. How do we show that we love Him?? By communicating with Him always. How to communicate? By prayer. By contemplative prayer. Not only we talking, asking for favours but to listen to Him on what He wants us to do.

Thirdly, we cannot be power crazy. The meaning of Leadership is not to conques and demand that people under you to serve you. But instead, we leaders must be the one to serve the people under us. Give them the best and never underestimate their abbilities.

All the time, we MUST keep our eyes on The Lord and not on ourselves. One thing that really stuck me the most is the gesture of us leaders. Our hands must be always be open wide and must be a sign of surrendering ourselves to God and let God lead.

The most important thing that we must remember is "It's all about God".

The second session was about "small is BIG". This is mainly to talk about a group of 30 person. How can the 30 of them get to know each other well. By narrowing the group to small groups of maybe 10 to 12. But I wias telling my group, it's a good thing to have a small group but we cannot be too attached to this group that the other groups around us we don't even want to know about them. Be careful of that. Cause I've been there and done that. It's not a pleasant sight.

Tomorrow will be the third session and it's about "Good News". I've read the module just now and was trying to translate it to BM for my group tomorrow. I just hope I translated it correctly. Hehehehe. I have tried equiping myself and so let the Lord lead me tomorrow. Amen.

I reach to the end of my journal for today. I'll try to update my journal on how I feel I am doing with facilitating this group. As I know all of them are my friends and all of them are very precious to me. May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe always. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Father. Thank you Holy Spirit.

Ich Lieber Dich........ I love you

Frieden zu Ihnen....Peace be with you.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My KL Trip

Last weekend, a group of us went over to KL to shop. This trip has been planned since last year. It was a fun experience and a very tiring one. Until today I can still feel that I am tired. Hehehe.

We went around shopping at Midvalley and then to 1 Utama. There were lots and lots of things to see thate. The most enjoyable thing I did there was eating ice-cream. Hahahahaha. It was like a dream come true. Unfortunately, I were not able to eat the cheese cake in Secret Recipe. hmmm.

It's actually enjoyable to go around in a group as we can share a lot of things together. I'm looking forward to go on another trip with my friends.

Friday, September 22, 2006


I have in my hands two boxes,Which God gave me to hold.He said, "Put all your sorrows in the black box, And all your joys in the gold." I heeded His words, and in the two boxes,Both my joys and sorrows I stored,But though the gold became heavier each day,The black was as light as before.With curiosity, I opened the black,I wanted to find out why,And I saw, in the base of the box, a hole,Which my sorrows had fallen out by. I showed the hole to God, and mused,"I wonder where my sorrows could be!"He smiled a gentle smile and said,"My child, they're all here with me.."I asked God, why He gave me the boxes, Why the gold and the black with the hole?"My child, the gold is for you to count your blessings,The black is for you to let go."We should consider all of our friends a blessing.Send this to a friend today just to let them know you are thinking of them and that they are a joy in your life.

A ball is a circle, no beginning, no end.
It keeps us together like our Circle of Friends.
But the treasure inside for you to see,
Is the treasure of friendship you've granted to me.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

BiRthDaYs and New YeArs...........

Few years back, I was with a couple of my friends in a Leaders Youth Ministry programme. We were talking about our birthdays and New Years celebration. One of my friend mentioned about that if her birthday was a happy occasion that year her New Year celebration will be ending up in tears. I agreed with her back then cause I was in the same situation as her. When that year my birthday was filled with laughter, my New Year celebration ended up in tears.

But after sometimes, I realise one thing, it's how you want that day to be for you. You make it happen. Yes sometimes, things might happen on your birthday itself that cannot be avoided, but you can opt to celebrate your birthday or New Year as a happy occasion or just mopped around feeling sorry for yourself.

After experiencing many bad birthdays and New Years, I tend to celebrate with my close friends. Treating them at my house or just buying a cake and celebrate with them. For this past 3 years, I have been celebrating my birthday at my house. Cooking my specialty and asking my mom to cook her specialty. Though I was tired but I was happy to see all my loved ones there. There was also one year, I ask to lead praise and worship on a Life Nite just to thank God for all the things He had done for me. I really enjoyed that moment cause it was my moment with My Daddy God.

Actually I had started celebrating my birthday with people around me long ago. I remembered when I was teaching in my old school, I will buy a cake and celebrate with my children. And then I will treat them with tit bits. It was a wonderful memont for me and I think my colleagues were not happy about what I am doing. Hehehehe....

So for those who have had a bad birthday experience or being alone on your birthday, just try and celebrate it with someone close. It's worth more than you think. Inform people around you that you are happy you are alive though sometimes you just want to give up on live.(been there done that and still doing it. Hehehe)

Last but not least, keep on smiling eventhough it seems like your day is coming to an end. Let the Lord lead you and you'll see how the Lord will lead you to a place you'll never dream of going to. Only He can satisfy us.

Ich Lieber Dich........ I love you

Frieden zu Ihnen....Peace be with you.


Today I want to post a simple message to all. This message is not only for me but for everybody.

This morning I was watching a movie on TV before going to school, I forgot what was it oredi but it said.....Have we really ever look at ourselves before and we don't like what we see..... Yes of course. But it is the matter of if we know how to change what we don't like or just leave it like that.

Many times, I know I had done a lot of bad things to people around me especially the one I love the most. Sometimes, I am able to change what I don't like about myself but sometimes.... it's just hard. Sometimes, some of my friends would inform me that my actions or words are not right. I would try my best to change not to what they want me to be but to be a better me.

At times I would do to my friends what I expect my friends do to me. For instance, I would try to help out my friends (If I am able to) not expecting anything in return lah of course. Cause when we expect things in return we will be very dissapointed with what we get. For me to give with love is more than enough....

Ich Lieber Dich....

Frieden zu Ihnen....Peace be with you.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Decisions, decisions....

In our lives, we need to make decisions for ourselves. Whether the decisions that we make will be good for us or will do harm to us. But in all the decisions that we make, the good ones and the bad, both are useful to us in our future. The bad decisions that we make, will make us more cautious in making another bad decision. The good decisions that we make, will be our guide for our future.

I've made a lot of bad and also good decisions in my live. The bad ones seems to haunt me till today. The good ones made me proud of myself cause I stand on my decision inspite of what people said. One of my decisons that I had to make was changing my work place. 3 years ago, I was working in my school which I love very much as I grow up in that school. I studied there before and that school is actually my second home. But after 13 years of working there, I found myself not happy with the environment in my work place. I love the children but not my bosses. They are too demanding, but not really supportive in what we teachers had in mind. So I look for another job and I was offered a job as a teacher also. My new boss was kind enough to pay me and a few people to stay with him cause the school is not ready yet. So meaning to say I was paid without me going to work. Imagine for 2 years I obtained salary without even have to work. So for the 2 years, I work sort of full time for my ministry in my church and also I did part time in the church bookstore. I learned a lot working in the bookstore.

But eventually what was good need to come to an end. My boss couldn't get the school open, so he stopped paying me. It's not his fault cause he did his best. I'm really grateful to him for peying me for the 2 years. But I was sad cause I was looking forward to the new school. After a few months of hard time, I found a job thanks to my sister. Working as a kindergarten teacher also. A whole new kind of environment. I was not used to it at first, but gradually I found that it's ok. It has been 6 months I'm working there and I bonded a litttle with some of the teachers there. This job was a leap of faith cause I don't know what else to do. I just grab hold of God's hands and jump. I was hurt here and there but He was always there holding me and healing my wounds.

One thing I learn in my life was thet sometimes we do make mistakes in our decisions in our lives, but we don't just sit there and let the bad decisions to stay bad, but make a move in making the bad decisions into a good decision.

I think I had written enough for today. In the future, you'll see more of my live and I hope all that I am sharing and have shared will benefit you in your live.

One thing that a few of my frineds had said to me is that, don't look back into what bad thngs that had happened. Look in front of you and keep on heading the front. Don't look back as it will bring us more grieve than happicness.

Until here only. I wish you a good nite sleep, a sweet dream and may God Bless you always.

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What a crazy day today........

Today I went to school and started off with correcting all the exams paper that I'd typed the day before. It's a never ending story. My bosses keep on correcting what I'd typed and it seems to be forever til I can get everything correct. Just now after all my classes, I went back up to 'My Office' to complete some of the work. My boss told me there's slightly change for the paper as they want it to be perfect and this time it was their fault. They were the ones who corrected it when I did it correctly and now wants me to do it again. I told them ok, but the printer ink won't last that long then. Imagine just an exam paper for kindergarten kids cause me a lot of work to do. But oh well, they are the ones paying me so I just go ahead with it lah.

Today also, I had a visitor sitting in one of my class. Scared also lah cause not used to having adults looking at me teaching. Have to jaga my perangai in class this. Hehehehe. Me fierce also in class but tengok masa lah. If the students are very naughty like got one class there's this kid like to repeat what I said, I melenting also lah. Like want to eat him up oredi this. Sudahlah tak pandai membaca, mocking what I say again this. Budak zaman sekarang,,,, minta puji betul. Hehehehe. But I still love them bah cause they are all so adorable. hehehehhe.

Ok enough of today's session. I'll write again later. For all of you out there take care and God Bless.

Peace be with you.

A start of a new day

Hi guys and galz, this is my first post and I'm really excited about this. I've come a long way to get to where I am today. I was born a catholic. My mom brought me up like what good catholic moms do. Pray and show a good example for their children. My mom and dad actually were very active in church. Both were choir members, both were both Legion of Mary....... I was born on the 25th October 1973. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters where one of my sister passed away when she was 3 years of age.

My dad is a very loving dad as what I remembered of him. He's always bringing us out for 'makans'. He passed away when I was 9 years of age. I remembered it very clearly when it happened. 2 or 3 days before he died, he brought us all out for 'makan' to the Flying Club to celebrate my sister's birthday. on the 26th April 1982, I remembered it was a public holiday I think it was election time, he was sick. My mom drove him to the doctor accompanied by my 2 brothers. My sister and I wanted to follow him to visit the doctor but he said that no need for us to go as he'll be back soon.

I remembered that I was riding on my bicycle playing in front of our house. My sisters were cooking in the kitchen. My mom came home without my dad in the car. I kept on asking where's dad but I saw my mom walking into the house looking very down. Soon my dad's friends came to the house one by one looking for my mom and crying. By both my sisters were crying oredi.

I still did not know what had happened until I saw my dad's body in the hospital very stiff. His funeral was presided by Fr. Thomas Makajil. It was in the chapel. The chapel was filled with people that I know and don't know. During the last respect, many of them came to us hugging and crying at the same time. I remembered after the mass, we followed the lorry with my dad's coffin in it.

It's been 24 years since that day. I still misses him but the memory of him gives me the strength to walk in the path that I'm walking today. I am now a youth leader in SHC but of course not the best one lah. What I can do is to follow the example of my parents especially my dad. Give to the fullest what others are deprived of. But of course not always I can help them out lah. What I can give I'll give and what I can help I'll help. That's my motto in life....

Ok lah. Til here only thsi. I'll write again when I have the time and the idea to write. For those who are reading this blog, hope you'll enjoy your day. Live your life day by day and let the Lord lead you to where He wants you to go. Have faith, don't give up hoping and always keep love in your live as it is said in the bible without love your live will be meaningless.

Peace be with you always and God Bless.